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Download Fading Light APK – Fading light is a platform game in which you must navigate through a maze before your light fades out. You must collect light crystals to recharge your light and reach the finish line before darkness prevails. There are plenty of tap-to-float games out there, but it’s always cool to see something add a little twist, and Fading Light does just that. You navigate a glowing cube through increasingly difficult networks of tunnels as your light source slowly wanes. Along the way, you have to hit top ups to restock your light fuel and then continue in search of the maze’s end. The mechanism provides the gameplay with an endless source of tension, and few games like this have pulled me in so quickly and effectively. One recommendation, though: mute the music.


Features to Download Fading Light APK

  • Completely free.
  • User friendly interface.

Fading Light APK Free for Android PC

Fading Light APK Download Free

Fading Light for Mac


Download Fading Light APK for Android or iOS Devices
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