Download Qeubot APK Free for PC, Windows and Mac

Download Qeubot APK – qeuBot is a personal chatbot similar to the Telegram inline bots or any other chatbots you may have encountered elsewhere. It can perform online operations as well as offline ones seamlessly through WhatsApp itself. No registration or adding of phone numbers is required.

Accessibility service needs to be turned on for qeuBot to work. With the app itself being less than 2 MB in size, it requires a maximum of 20-25 MB RAM when performing complex operations, while at other times, it requires no more than 5-10 MB to run in background. qeuBot runs only when WhatsApp is running in foreground and ignores all other foreground and background apps or services.

download qeubot apk

Features To Download Qeubot APK

  • Looking up Wikipedia articles
  • Performing mathematical calculations
  • Fetching news regarding any topic through Google News
  • Providing movie ratings through IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes
  • GIF search through Giphy
  • Image search through Bing (Note that you need to use your own API key to avail this service)
  • Current day and 5-day weather forecast of any region through Yahoo Weather
  • Daily horoscope

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Download Qeubot APK Free for PC, Windows and Mac

Qeubot APK Free Download

Qeubot for Mac Download


Download Qeubot APK Free for PC, Windows and Mac
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